Creativity In Action II

refugee campDear Friends,

Last month I came back from my surf adventure in Portugal full of light, energy, enthusiasm and a feeling of clarity to move forward with my dreams. Immediately upon arriving I was hit with a wave of new challenges and barely had time to put my feet on the ground before I felt called to step into my power and play a part in these shifting times.

Back in Brussels the capitol of Europe and where I teach at a studio private and group Gyrotonic® lessons, I could feel the atmosphere was tense. The light from summer was fading fast as everyone was thrown back into their working lives confronting personal stresses as well as the rapidly shifting climate within Europe and the world at large. With the refugee crisis escalating I wanted to get involved and see for myself, so I jumped in to volunteer at a camp that had popped up in the heart of Brussels. It was a huge learning experience and a powerful reality check, changing my perspective and reminding me just how fortunate I truly am. It also taught me that real human kindness, compassion and decency exists in the world, especially when there is a need to help those suffering and in crisis.

I saw amazing things happening in the most inhumane circumstances, I saw dedication from those who devote their lives to the well being of others and as I moved back and forth between home, the studio and the camp, a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings raced through me. At the same time, I knew how much my help was needed and by taking direct action and staying focused I could feel at peace. When I started getting overwhelmed I looked up, observed my surroundings and made eye contact with the other refugees and volunteers. Something transformative happened when we acknowledged each other by just a look, a smile, a greeting or a thank you and in that moment I felt the power of communicating from the heart and through the language of the body.

There’s a lot to take in and digest these days, but I know that my task is to find my center in all of the commotion. I know that I’m integrating into my daily life what I’m learning in the waves, by taking action, facing fears, letting go, trusting and surrendering to the forces and momentum of life, as well as learning about my boundaries and where my limits are.

I have to continue to anchor myself by coming back to my internal home base through conscious breathing, dancing, exercise and getting outside in nature as much as possible. I take time to visualize those magnificent beaches and the ocean I love so much and as I tap into those memories, I instantly feel a release inside my body and my mind more at ease. I also know the importance of maintaining a strong physical core, so I focus on exercises that keep me grounded.

I become more resilient to the chaos around me the more I anchor into my core, which gives me more freedom to express healthy boundaries that help me while teaching, volunteering and navigating through my life. I’m learning to ride the waves and no matter what, keep on dancing.

Whatever you are facing right now, know that you’re not alone and that there are powerful and concrete ways of coming back to your core and anchoring into your being during these turbulent times. Cultivate your own inner sanctuary and find your “home base”. It is there that you can find your strength, access your unlimited creativity and shine your light in this world.

Keep riding the waves and keep dancing…!


Much love,