Monthly Archives: July 2015

Coming Home…

Back to the ocean. Back home. Back to the essential. There’s something that happens when I’m back in my element that’s hard to explain. I feel a sense of peace and humility as I tumble, dive and surf. I land in my body while at the same time feel like a major part my identity or any stories that may be weighing me down dissolve completely. It’s a sense of absolute freedom and joy that I’m so grateful for. ***

Dancing The Moment at Studio 44

There is something so powerful that happens through the body when we dance. We encounter ourselves and each other in a way that is beyond words. There are deeper resources and stories that we tap into and communicate through movement and through the ritual of gathering together to dance our stories, ourselves and the moment. The fragility of time, space and the fleeting moment makes it hard to capture this process; It can only be lived. We can honour it though through our awareness, attentiveness and by knowing that we are creating moment by moment….

These are the words that came to me after teaching my workshop Dancing The Moment last weekend in Berlin at Studio 44. It was particularly powerful this time and I felt a depth coming out of the work that I haven’t experienced before. I am so grateful for this process, how it is unfolding, learning how to guide and to hold the space for others. Everyone dove down, tapped into strong resources and the exchange was beautiful to witness. We were riding the waves…Thank you to all the participants for your bravery and trust and thank you to Constanza Macras and Dorky Park for making this event happen and for offering the space to us all! Inspired for the next one already – stay tuned!!! ***