Dancing The Moment is a workshop open to anyone who wants to connect more deeply with themselves and the present moment through movement. By learning how to relate to the space in and around us, we can respond more consciously rather than impulsively react. We experience directly through our bodies what it’s like to: step out of our comfort zone, overcome our resistance to change, let go of certain patterns that are limiting our growth, find the confidence to take action, and build more trust within ourselves.

The studio offers a safe environment where we can express ourselves freely, as well as explore and challenge our boundaries. It’s a space where we learn to engage deeply with ourselves and with others.

Anouk’s workshop has been attended by a wide variety of people from different creative and professional backgrounds including, dancers, performers, actors, musicians, visual artists, designers, therapists, doctors, nurses, journalists, managers, yoga instructors, and many more.


  • Reconnects us with the joy of creativity.
  • Increases our awareness and vitality.
  • Frees us from habitual patterns.
  • Gives us valuable tools for our personal and professional lives.
  • Empowers us to take more risks.


“Anouk creates a welcoming atmosphere for each participant and is there to support us on our personal creative journey without judgement. She is very generous in her way of teaching and guides us into feeling the present moment and working with that. She has a sense for pure and honest performance quality towards which she is also leading her students.” – A. Hirvonen (Dancer)

“Anouk’s workshop is very refreshing and inspiring. It allows you to really come back into the body, and banish the judgemental mind that sometimes takes over when we improvise. I find her workshop to be a fantastic way to reset my body and mind, and reunite them again in a very pure way.” – K. Jacques (Dancer, Visual Artist).

“Anouk taught me so much about my own physical internal space, but not only that. She also helped me to remember how to walk. All those things that we forget how to do with increasing age, she helps to re-awaken. That’s what she is actually, Anouk is very awake for the new, for the moment, and it’s a great experience to share in the awakeness with her.” – F. Farah (Actress, Singer, Musician, Performer)

“Anouk helped me a lot to be more self-aware, trust myself more and dance with my soul. The workshop moved all of my senses. I got in touch with a side of myself that I didn’t even know existed. I felt my soul overflowing my body from each and every pore.” – A. Claudia de Pinho Ronzani (Dancer)

“In the workshop I dove into my inner body touching my bones, muscles, everything. It was really healing for me and I discovered I could trust my body.” – R. Kojima (Dancer)

“Anouk’s workshop was very helpful for me personally and as a dancer. I felt like I was going deeper into my awareness of my body by moving, opening up myself to others and my environment. It felt like during her workshop I was coming back to a sort of starting point and to the reasons that initially brought me to dance. Her special attention to the spine also helped me to better understand this part of my body.” – S. Sajadieh (Dancer, Actress)

“During Anouk’s workshop when I was ready to give up, she taught me to take a step back and start again without judgement. After that I felt like a new person, confident and full of energy. The idea to connect with the moment and what was really important helped me start with a new energy and find more meaning. From that point I could feel how improvisation is arising and developing. Accepting the problem and dealing with it made me free to discover something new in myself and in the world. In this case, improvisation became the dance of the soul.” – O. Potsnova (Actress, Martial Artist)

“My expression in dance and movement improved a lot through the exercises Anouk gave us. Her workshop concept is high quality and for me she is a great teacher!” – G. Fassold (Dancer)

“I feel grateful to have found a space where words are not important to experience the deep connection of body and soul. My mind was put to rest for a while and for me this is strong and beautiful medicine. Thank you for creating a space where I could allow myself to dance, as you put it, generously and strongly.” – T. Hunold (Nurse, Somatic Practitioner)

“Anouk is a very inspiring person with a beautiful energy. She can guide you really well during the improvisation. I enjoyed her workshop a lot: Starting with the simple but powerful breathing and warm up of every part of the body, going through the improvisation while discovering yourself and ending with totally “dancing the moment”. It’s a very beautiful experience! ” – M. Molino (Dancer)

“It was so much fun taking part in Anouk’s workshop. I particularly appreciated her approach to connecting with the ‘inner mover’ – like the inner voice touching on so many levels of body and space awareness. I left feeling enriched with a spark of wholeness which resonated something new in me.” L. Mills (Singer, Musician, Performer)



January 13th: JOJI INC. Studio, Brussels.


November 5th: JOJI INC. Studio, Brussels.

September 30-October 1st: JOJI INC. Studio, Brussels.

May 21st.: JOJI INC. Studio, Brussels.

April 22-23rd: TATWERK, Berlin.

January 26-27th: Dock 11 Studios, Berlin.


October 6-7th: Dock 11 Studios, Berlin.

September 24th: Corpus Studios, Brussels.

April 16-17th: Tatwerk, Berlin.

February 15,17,19th: The Scotia Bank Dance Centre, Vancouver.


December 5-6th: Tatwerk, Berlin.

July 10-12th: Studio 44, Constanza Macras/ Dorky Park, Berlin.

April 10-12th: Ada Studio, Berlin.

May 29-30th: The Scotia Bank Dance Centre, Vancouver.

January 17-19th: Studio 44, Dorky Park, Berlin.


January: Studio 44/Dorky Park, Berlin.

April/May: The Scotia Bank Dance Centre, Vancouver.



Dancing The Moment Workshop 15'