Dance & Performance

For more than 15 years, Anouk has been performing across Europe and internationally. Since 2009, she is a member of the Berlin-based company Constanza Macras/Dorkypark and is part of the major productions: Megalopolis, Oedipus Rex, Berlin Elsewhere and Open For Everything. Over the years, her practice has grown to incorporate performance art, acting and singing. She is one of the creators and performers in, HUMAN REMAIN(S), curated by Constanza Macras for the South African artist exchange, On Fire. Anouk has also performed for artists such as, Ari Benjamin Meyers in Serious Immobilities, and Enrica Beccalli in Complessità. 




Deranged 2008 


Performance Dates:


August 9-10th: Megalopolis, Berlin.

April 13th: Megalopolis, Hannover.


October 27-29th: Complessità, Digital Design Days, Milan.

June 25th: Serious Immobilities, K20, Düsseldorf.

June 16-18th: Open For Everything, LIFT Festival, London.


April 16-18th: Open For Everything, Udine.


September 24th: Megalopolis, Berlin.

July 23rd: Megalopolis, Bolzano.

"Serious Immobilities" by Ari Benjamin MeyersSerious Immobolities 2013

human_remains_6679Human Remain(s) 2014