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Surfing The Waves


Hello Friends!

I just came back from another surf adventure in Morocco. After 6 months break it was so good to get back in the waves!

Surfing teaches me to how listen to my intuition and use my instinct. I confront my fears and find back my strength. All at once I need to surrender, let go and commit 100%. The bigger the waves, the more my boundaries are tested. I learn how to respect my limits and when to push through them.

The ocean makes you feel small and insignificant and at the same time totally connected to something bigger. The gift of riding a wave is a feeling of perfect union with nature and the creative energy that flows through everything. Just like improvising, surfing is all about timing, sensing, listening and taking bold action. It also teaches how to build resilience, go with the flow and navigate through challenges by staying calm and focused.

There’s something so powerful about surrendering to the moment and the forces of nature. When we let go of our need to control and embrace our fears, a sense of clarity and peace takes over. We honour our totality as human beings and sense that we’re part of something far greater, whatever it may be.

Dance and any form of creativity can help us access this very sense of connection and aliveness. Celebrating life in all its facets through these challenging times is difficult, but possible!

Keep shining your light: Your presence is what makes your experience unique in this world and a part of the thread that links us all.

Be safe and much love,

Anouk *

Dance your story, dance to forget, dance to remember, dance to celebrate, dance for peace, dance it out: APRIL 16-17th is my next workshop at Tatwerk in Berlin.


I hope to see you there!





Coming Up


Back over the pond and I can’t believe it’s already March!!! I’m so looking forward to my next Dancing The Moment workshop at TATWERK in Berlin April 16-17th – EARLYBIRD REGISTRATION ON NOW UNTIL APRIL 1st. You are warmly welcome to invite spring with me and dance! For more details check the link below and I look forward to sharing another movement journey with you soon!!!