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Coming Up Next!


I’m getting excited about the next Dancing The Moment workshop coming up! There’s ONE MORE WEEK LEFT to register before the journey begins. In the last few weeks I’ve come to realize that you can’t push things or try to control the outcome of your dreams. Life is a DANCE! It requires intention, trust, rhythm, flow and perseverance. I’m learning to get out of my own way and remember that creativity is a mystery that we have no real or apparent control over. If we did it wouldn’t be as magical as it is! So looking forward to meeting everyone in the studio next week!

A New Day


I’ll be honest with you, after the world events of the last couple of weeks I just want to be here: back to the beloved ocean, nurtured by nature and feeling free, safe and open-hearted. I guess the challenge is to step up and find that inner peace and open-heartedness here in the midst of all the surrounding chaos. This is my wish: to keep dancing, to keep surfing, to keep creating, to keep sharing and to keep bringing more light and healing to my own shadow that I may do my part for humanity and for this beautiful planet that is our home, that belongs to all living creatures. Here’s to healing the deep wounds that we all suffer from in one way or another. Here’s to remembering in this moment that I am alive, fortunate and there are people who suffer on a daily basis from crisis and unimagineable situations. Here is where the ground comes back and clarity to move forward….With Love, Anouk *

Why Dance The Moment?

IMG-20131111-WA0003Hello Friends!

I want to share something with you about how I started thinking up the concept for my workshop, Dancing The Moment back in 2011: Firstly, it came out of my own need to reconnect with my original passion for movement and dance, as well as get back to that free uninhibited sense of joy and freedom I felt when I first started dancing as a child. As I went further along, I realized that I not only wanted to dance and create that way, but wanted to LIVE that way too.

Life isn’t always easy and can be full of challenges and I truly experienced a transformation by connecting to the present moment through body awareness, conscious breathing and expressing my creativity. It changed my way of perceiving and totally enriched my life. I started to feel alive again in the studio, on stage, throughout my everyday life, as well as experience a positive shift in my relationships and health.

The workshop also grew out of my desire to share all the inspiration I was receiving, because for me inspiration is contagious. It spreads in a magic way when we are open to sharing our gifts as well as our struggles. I wanted to continue to be inspired, help inspire others and also just wanted to have FUN!

You know how great rocking out in your bedroom to your favorite music feels? (I sure do ;)) Or how cool it is jamming in the studio or outside with your friends? Or how dancing in a club until the wee hours to your favourite DJ totally frees your spirit? That’s the kind environment I like to create in my workshops! It’s a safe space where you’re allowed to explore, exchange, take risks and invite creativity to come and play.

I love dancing in a room full of people where the music carries everyone on a journey. I also love the powerful contrast of silence in a space where everyone’s presence is equally valued and the room comes alive with electricity. A real sense of unity and collective energy supports the group while at the same time, each person finds their own unique creative voice and discovers that there is unlimited space in a space of unlimited creativity!

I also see the body as a gateway for us to enter that world of creativity and inspiration. Through our awareness we’re able to make choices that previously didn’t even seem to exist. We see things differently and can step back to view our situation from another perspective. Our thoughts and feelings can be observed from a more compassionate place and that’s when we start playing again, connecting to an inherent joy within ourselves.

You are very welcome to come and join me on this movement journey and dive into the world of Dancing The Moment!

Much love and hope to see you all there,

Anouk ***



To register email me at:


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  1. an intersection of two or more roads.

a point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far-reaching consequences.

“we stand again at a historic crossroads

a road that crosses a main road or joins two main roads.

noun: crossroad


Hello Friends!

Have you ever been at a crossroads? I think we all have moments in our lives where we arrive to a point and a decision or change of direction must be made without knowing what comes next. It normally signals the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. It’s a scary moment, because we realize we can no longer ignore that inner calling for something new, while at the same time fear of the unknown or attachment to what’s familiar and safe holds us back or in a kind of limbo. The process can take days, months even years, but my experience has been that no matter how terrifying it may seem, the voice pulling us towards that new horizon is the one to listen to. There are different phases the first being a kind of awakening or realization. After the letting go starts by facing our fears, releasing attachment, patterns or ways of being, until finally the choice is made and the leap of faith is taken propelling us into unknown territory as we embark on a new journey.

An important crossroads for me came back in the summer of 2012 at the height of my dance career when I was diagnosed with a hernia in my lumbar spine. It was a huge shift in my life that eventually put me on a path of healing and self-realization. Along the way I learned what it takes to embrace change and face the unknown: bravery and trust, the ability to let go and be vulnerable, open up to support from others and cultivate self-love.

My body and my emotions taught me how they are connected to my state of mind, to the thoughts I tell myself daily or to beliefs about myself based on past events that I’ve carried with me throughout my life (or lifetimes). Following my intuition a series of synchronistic events took me on a journey of powerful transformative experiences. I sat through rituals, around fires, confided in friends, took workshops, received healings, sought counseling, guidance and traveled. I kept performing and at the same time took a distance from the world that had been my life for so long to explore other passions like singing, painting, writing and surfing.

With every experience I overcame my fears, passed through my own limiting beliefs and gained more confidence. As I continued, I discovered there was a teacher inside of me who wanted to serve, share and help inspire others on their journeys. Life became a creative process, challenging and humbling, but beautiful and deeply rewarding.

Now the dancer inside of me is calling and I’m anxious, because I know I’m at another crossroad. I also know when the voice of fear speaks it’s up to me to lean into the discomfort and find the gift that’s on the other side. I realize my life as a dancer isn’t over it’s simply changing form, transforming me as I flow with the times, dancing with the ups and downs and dancing to the tune of my heart. Like a lighthouse, I’m returning to when I first started dancing as a child from a place of joy and uninhibited freedom of expression. I’m hearing the muse again inviting me to dance, but now with more experience, awareness, care and appreciation.

Just like this summer up on those cliffs looking out to the horizon I’m sitting on the edge, ready to let go and jump to the next level, embrace change and surrender to forces beyond my control, while at the same time actively participate and dance along with life’s proposals. This is where I feel most alive, where I tap into my unlimited creativity, surrender to the moment and receive inspiration for the next part of my journey.

This is Dancing The Moment.


With Love,