Born and raised in Canada, Anouk grew up in Vancouver studying classical ballet and modern dance techniques professionally. Upon graduating and at the age of 18, she was selected as the youngest of her class to join the final year of Codarts, Rotterdam and moved to Holland. In 2003, she successfully completed the Dance Individual Study Bachelor Academic Year. At 19 years old, Anouk was hired directly from school by the Belgian choreographer, Piet Rogie and began her performing career. From 2003-2009, she worked with, Rogie & Company and Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, as well as many choreographers for independent platforms such as: Omi International Dance Collective in New York, Siwic in Zurich, Teatro Vascello in Rome, Dansateliers in Rotterdam, and Dansmakers in Amsterdam. She was featured in the interactive film installation, Deranged by Bogomir Doringer, which has been shown in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dubrovnik, Toronto, and Vienna.

Since 2009, Anouk is a member of the dance theatre company, Constanza Macras/Dorky Park, based in Berlin. She is part of the major productions: MegalopolisOedipus RexBerlin Elsewhere and Open For Everything, which continue to tour internationally. She is one of the creators and performers in the project, HUMAN REMAIN(S), for the South African artist exchange, On Fire and part of the performance & workshop series, I AM WITH YOU #1, curated by Dorky Park. Anouk is a performer in, Serious Immobilities, directed and composed by Ari Benjamin Meyers and in the interactive installation, Complessità, by Enrica Beccalli for Digital Design Days Festival Milano.

Between 2013-2014, Anouk became a certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor and continually updates her education in bodywork with new courses. She regularly teaches private and group classes at Corpus Studios in Brussels and has taught Gyrokinesis in Berlin and Lisbon.

Between 2009-2011, Anouk received her Pranic Healing® certification, a healing method that works on balancing the energetic centres of the body, also known as chakras.

Since 2014, Anouk has dedicated her lifetime experience in dance and bodywork to facilitate people’s personal development and leadership skills. She gives creative movement workshops to a wide variety of professionals and amateurs from different cultural backgrounds and has taught extensively in Berlin, Brussels and Vancouver, Canada.

Passionate about traveling and learning languages, Anouk has lived and worked in such cities as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Budapest, Brussels, and Lisbon.

In the summer of 2013, she realized her dream of learning how to surf, which has become an integral part of her life. Anouk has had the great fortune to travel to some of the most beautiful and well-known destinations in the world for surfing such as, Portugal, Morocco, Bali, the north coast of Spain and the French Basque Country.