My Story

In 2012, at the height of my dance career I got seriously injured in my lower back. After great struggle and disappointment, I started out on a path committed to my personal healing and growth.

At the time I was realizing my lifelong dream as a professional dancer in a renowned company based in Berlin. I was thriving artistically, touring internationally and yet, I had reached a state of exhaustion on all levels. I knew that something had to change.

I started focusing on my rehabilitation so I could continue performing, however as my healing process deepened, I began uncovering other layers: I discovered that my essential joy of dance and self-expression had become overpowered by my desire to please others. My pursuit for perfection and belief that I was never good enough had put me under so much pressure, that I’d become ill and injured. I wasn’t able to see how my thoughts were actually destroying what I loved!

The year I got injured, I was dancing in a special production with Romani people from Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia all between the ages 11-70. It was a life-changing experience to work together, to exchange our cultures and traditions. It was also challenging to confront our differences, including the level of oppression they continue to experience daily as an ethnic minority. What we were able to create together showed me that the Performing Arts are a powerful tool to facilitate personal growth and social change.

The years following my injury, I spent time diving deep into my own healing process. I apprenticed with mentors, took part in workshops, therapy sessions, and shamanic rituals, as well as traveled extensively.

I am a dancer. Sharing my passion for dance, movement and the inherent wisdom of our body is what brings me to life.

The human experience is a dance between our individual and collective journeys. There is a dancer within all of us. Dance is movement from moment to moment, making life itself a dance. This is where Dancing The Moment takes place: in that inclusive space of awareness and deep understanding.

The great choreographer Pina Bausch said it perfectly,

“To understand what I’m saying, you have to believe that dance is something other than technique. We forget where the movements are born from. They are born from life.”