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Dancing The Moment – Nazaré, Portugal August 15′

Busy preparing my next workshop Dancing The Moment that will be held this December in Berlin: I’m excited how this work keeps evolving and how my experiences and passion in the waves teaches me and informs my work in the studio. One may not think at first how surf, creativity and our daily lives are related, but there are many ways that these experiences can overlap and feed into each other! We are alive and dancing the moment when we open up to the possibilities available to us by tuning into our bodies, our breath, the space around us, how we relate to each other and our environment. We tap into our unlimited creativity when we are open to receive, allow ourselves to listen to what the moment asks for, dare to be brave in our actions, stay open and willing to adapt, enjoy the adventure and keep playing!

Join me on this movement journey December 5 & 6 at TATWERK Studio in Berlin and follow the process leading up to the event online at:

Earlybird Registration is ON NOW until November 14th so Email me at:


Arrifana, Portugal September 15′