Monthly Archives: June 2017

Dancing The Moment

Hello Friends!

After finishing another workshop last month, I want to express my gratitude for the experiences and people I’ve met since offering this work for the first time in 2014.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the concept and why I call it, Dancing The Moment. A participant brought the name to my attention again, when she acknowledged what it meant for her and how she experienced it while dancing. As I listened, I understood why I began exploring the subject four years ago.

During workshops, I get these insights on just how fleeting life really is. We try to convince ourselves there’s some kind of continuity or security by giving structure and form to things, when in truth it’s so beyond our grasp. Life is a series of moments, with ups and downs that rise and fall to the beat of our hearts and the sound of our breath.

I think I’m currently processing some of my own fears and awe around the impermanence, mystery and vastness of life. Perhaps dance has such meaning for me, because it’s a way to celebrate the journey and give it ritual. Dance is a way to transcend form and connect to an infinite, greater truth that we can all aspire to. Interestingly enough, it’s through form, through our bodies that we’re able to have this experience. In sharing our dancing, we act as witnesses for each other and create a space where we find our commonality and learn to tolerate our differences. We become nourished by our connection and enriched by our diversity.

Being present in the moment, allows us to take rightful action and access our highest qualities as human beings. It gives us a sense of clarity and energy to keep engaging with life moment by moment. We can’t always have control over the events in our lives, but we can choose how to respond to them. We can express how we feel and give meaning to our experience, as we dance with the changes.

Let’s keep dancing!

With love,