Touching Space

“Touch the space and let the space touch you”


Hello Friends!

As I move throughout the day, I look around at all the people coming and going and think about how everyone has a story. I sometimes wonder how can I be present with myself and at the same time relate to the larger picture?

There’s so much going on in our world today and it’s challenging to navigate all these changes. If we pay closer attention to our bodies and our environment though, the space we inhabit opens up and becomes like a living composition. We literally feel touched by the space, as it takes on a deeper meaning.  

The entire journey of moving from A to B becomes a co-creative event when we recognize that we all play an important part in a larger picture. In that moment, our connection to our environment and to whom we’re sharing it with, becomes enriching. We behave more respectfully towards ourselves, others and to our environment.

I think this is where real and positive changes in our societies can happen.

The process of learning how to respond rather than impulsively react is an empowering exercise that we practice in the studio and in performance. Without abandoning ourselves or our own desires and impulses, we can remain in dialogue and stay open to what’s changing around us. This work can also be integrated in any aspect of our lives, and as we start opening up with more curiosity, life becomes a daily act of creativity. Let’s create!
With love,