Thinking Bodies

Hello Friends!

I hope you’re enjoying these few days of rest over Easter, spring break, or however you choose to celebrate this time of the year.

Slowing down is essential for our minds and bodies to digest and process all that’s going on in our lives.

There’s so much emphasis on putting ourselves out there, showing up, and performing in ways that are required of us. Retreating and turning our attention inward is necessary to re-center ourselves, re-balance and re-connect to a state of inner peace. Finding a soft focus in our gaze again, we’re able to see and feel what’s going around us without losing our sense of self or inner focus.

Practicing the language of perception and sensation is something I realize as a dancer, I’m hardwired for after years of training.

Dancers are tuned into their bodies, movements, spatial relationship, and are simultaneously able to express themselves and interact with others. We communicate in a wordless language that’s receptive to both our internal and external environment. This wordless realm is the language of the body, the thinking-body. Using the irrational, free-associative mind is a powerful creative tool that can be applied to all kinds of situations. We can use these skills in both our personal and professional lives in positions of leadership, conflict resolution, management, creative directorship, the possibilities are endless. 

When we’re able to pay attention to details and at the same time keep a wider perspective on what’s happening around us, we operate in a state of multiple-awareness. Like a camera we can zoom in and out simultaneously. Going further by giving equal attention to everything we see, we create a soft focus in our perception and a deep inner stillness takes over.

Quite literally, magic and synchronicity happens when we awaken and learn to work with these skills! 

Join me for my next workshops in Berlin or Brussels – we’ll be playing in this magic realm!

*** There is still time to register or contact me if you want to drop-in *** 

With love,