The Inner Critic


Hello Friends! 

During my workshop in Berlin last month, we spent our final hours together diving into the subject of the “Inner Critic”.

Many questions came up about how to master this voice that’s inside all of us. How do we deal with it? What can we learn from and how can we transform it?  

The first step, I believe is to give it a name. By naming it we immediately distance ourselves and no longer identify with our negative self-talk. Instead, we become an observer of our critical mind. We realize that although it’s a part of us, it’s not who we truly are.

Secondly, once we recognize our True Self (the observer) from our Inner Critic, we can deal with it more easily.

For example, during times of change we must accept the unknown, which makes us feel vulnerable. Common reactions like negative self-talk, fear-based beliefs and survival instincts show up in the voice of our Inner Critic. Recognizing this can positively transform our relationship to change and our ability to respond.

Connecting with our bodies through mindful-movement is a safe way to experience our limits and practice dissolving any boundaries that might be holding us back.

When we connect more deeply with the present moment through movement, our mind becomes quiet and our heightened awareness allows us to tap into a more intuitive state. Magic things start to happen through synchronicity. We experience moments of being in the right place at the right time and feel like we’re in a creative flow.

So how can we bring this embodied experience into our daily lives?

Learning to cultivate and work with our child-like curiosity, as well as our wise and mature ability to respond in the studio, helps us build the confidence and self-trust to take action in our lives. 

Life itself becomes a creative dance when we’re curious and playful, commit to something we feel strongly about and at the same time, remain open to change.

We’ll be exploring more in my next workshop on January 26-27th. in Berlin, and I hope you can join me as we dive deeper into this fascinating topic. Early bird registration is OPEN NOW!

Keep breathing through these times of turbulent change and gather with your loved ones. #Staywoke and keep the fire burning! 

Much love,



November 14-December 21.2016: Teaching at Corpus Studios Brussels.

January 13-21.2017: Teaching at Corpus Studios Brussels.

January 26-27.2017: Dancing The Moment Workshop at Dock 11 Studios.