Hello Friends! 

As we enter the last month of 2016, I want to thank you all for being here and for your supportive feedback. Writing this newsletter has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope to continue sharing it as the New Year unfolds!

The impulse to start almost 2 years ago was my desire to build more connections and create a sense of community. My experience of working with dance and movement as a tool for personal development and growth has taught me a lot about connection. The studio is a special place that offers a safe environment where we can express ourselves freely, as well as explore and challenge our boundaries. It’s a space where we learn to engage deeply on both an individual and collective level.

I’ve experienced through my body what it’s like to step out of my comfort zone, overcome my resistance to change, let go of certain patterns that were limiting my growth, and find the confidence to take action. I’ve been transformed through this work and have watched others transform along the way, which inspires me to keep going.


Relationships are like mirrors and the importance of having a witness and being one for others is essential. Being seen, heard and accepted for who we are, is something we all long for as human beings.

I think these times are urgently calling for us to open up, gather together, support each other and collaborate, in order to make positively lasting changes for ourselves, for our communities, and for our planet.

Wishing you all a very blessed holiday season, surrounded by your loved ones.

Much love,


I invite you to start the New Year off by joining me for another movement journey! ***

Where: Dock 11 Studios, Berlin

When: January 26-27.2017

From: 10:30-15:00Uhr.

How: Register at: anouk.froidevaux@gmail

I’m also offering the first 3 people who register, a free pranic healing session from me!