You Are The Door




Just passing through Nazaré, Portugal, a place where some of the biggest waves ever recorded and surfed exist. It is a powerful vortex of energy that I immediately felt drawn to when I arrived. I felt the magic of this sacred place as I stood up on a cliff looking out to the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. My heart opened wide and a kind of truth came to me that moment:

We learn all these techniques, methods of healing, ways to improve our body/mind connection and physical strength, but these techniques remain just that, a technique. If they’re not really embodied, it’s like having a roadmap, but you stay on the highway all the time, without ever going off and exploring the back roads or trails. You simply take the same path everyday without ever changing your course and don’t really absorb the system into your being. Whatever your practice is, it needs to become a part of you. You need to translate it into your own language by becoming it, by embodying it. It’s just a key to enter through a door, but YOU ARE THE DOOR.

It’s you who decides what path(s) to take once you’ve acquired the skills to follow. It’s up to your ability to tune in and listen to what your body needs in that very moment. It’s having the tools in your pocket and knowing the techniques, but applying them in a personal way, by listening to the inner calling of your being. There are no rules there are only steps to help us along the way. Otherwise, we’re all just following a system, holding on to a structure and trying to fit into the same picture. What for? I don’t believe it was intended to be this way. Embodying these techniques means breathing life into them – Make it your own ***