Out Of My Comfort Zone


13119967_271367446530745_185562641040795834_oHello Friends!

I had an interesting experience two weeks ago where I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was selected along with 49 other women of various professional backgrounds, to attend an event focused on helping women improve their network for business. It was fascinating to be surrounded by such a variety of successful women of all ages and levels in their careers. Being the only “artist” in the room I felt insecure at first, wondering if I belonged in such an environment. However, as the evening went on and we were encouraged to talk and get to know each other, I realized that although our career paths were extremely different, very fundamental things connected us. We all wanted the same thing: Equality in our working environments, to achieve our dreams, find our voices, be able to express ourselves more clearly and freely, and grow our communities. Not only that, but rather than compete, we wanted to help support each other by exchanging our talents and gifts to bring us further along our paths.

Talk about a paradigm shift! I walked in there feeling inadequate, insecure and like an impostor, and left feeling like I’d just met a new community of like-minded women, expanded my network, and opened doors to all kinds of possibilities I’d never even imagined! My mind and world were blown wide open.

Reflecting on it after, I understood that those moments where I’m pushing up against my boundaries, fear and inner resistance, are in fact when I’m growing the most. My reality starts changing as I expand into more of myself.

What experiences do you have with stepping out of your comfort zone and how did it help you grow?

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