Lusciously & Soulfully Interview!

Dancing The Moment Tatwerk 16'Hello Friends! 

I hope spring is blossoming for you in a positive way!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great chance of meeting Janelle Hardy during a great online creative event called, The Creative Revolution Summit.

Actually, she contacted me after finding me on the Facebook page and checking out my website and asked if I wanted to be interviewed for her, Lusciously & Soulfully series on her blog! I was amazed she found me and learned again from this experience that if you show up, dare to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to communities that interest you, things happen! 

It turns out we have a lot in common, both coming from the west coast of Canada, having a background in dance and combining our passions and skills in movement, bodywork, healing, coaching and personal development. It was a a real pleasure not only to have the opportunity to connect and share my work with Janelle and her community, but also to take the time to answer her beautiful and thoughtful questions and reflect on my personal journey until now. I’d like to share the interview with you here!

I’m so grateful to Janelle for this lovely encounter and highly recommend that you spend some time going through the other interviews as well for inspiration!

With love,

Anouk ***