Getting To The Essential


Feeling nothing but gratitude for this weekend’s workshop at Tatwerk in Berlin. 12 brave souls showed up and went on a movement journey that a friend of mine described as, “getting down to the essence or finding the essential”. It made my heart sing when she described it that way, because it’s exactly what I’m aiming for! I believe there’s power and beauty in our essential nature and our “humanness”. Yes, we have complex personalities and can perform and articulate ourselves in interesting ways, which is wonderful. At the same time, I feel like it’s our attention to the things we do every day and may sometimes take for granted like, standing, sitting, breathing, walking, seeing and observing, that give a richness to our self- expression. This awareness or attention to “being” can also give us a support in our increasingly complex world. Like an anchor, being present in our bodies and daily actions can be a ritual to help ground us, making our way of life more artful as well!

Whatever our stories are, we can make the journey to our essential nature linking us at a very basic human level. By connecting with our essence, we also encourage our own individual and authentic voices within the collective to emerge, creating something greater all together.

Thanks again to everyone who joined and until next time, keep dancing ***

With love,