Brave Souls



Hello Friends & Brave Souls,

How are you doing? Doesn’t it seem like our world is changing so rapidly these days, faster than our minds and bodies can keep up with?

I think it’s more important than ever that we learn how to slow down and find a sanctuary within ourselves and within our communities. It’s vital to have a creative outlet and place to go to where we feel welcome and safe to share our thoughts and feelings. Practices like conscious breathing and movement can re-align us when we’re overwhelmed. Movement, exercise or dancing, channels our feelings creatively and frees the energy in our body which starts flowing again. Both are essential to help us come back to the present moment, which can change our situation and how we feel in an instant.

But what’s so attractive about the present moment right now, especially when life’s so challenging? Why would we want to be there?

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The thing is, the moment is all we have and the only place we can really act from. At least from awareness we step back and gain more perspective. Focusing on our breath creates a space inside of us where we become an observer of our thoughts and feelings, while stillness quiets us down and centers us. We start responding rather than impulsively react to things that are out of our control.

Yes, there are moments in life when we’re stretched and tested to the limit and that’s where consistency comes in. Practicing presence gives us a foundation, while doing it daily helps build resilience for the harder times that are to come. No matter what happens though, we can create an inner sanctuary to go home to. Going to that place, we take back our power and change our state of mind.

Dancing The Moment Workshop Berlin 15'

Dancing The Moment Workshop Berlin 15′

The world needs you brave ones. Sharing with others can amplify our experience and uplift us and creative practices help us transcend any challenging situation we may find ourselves in.

Take care and thank you for being a part of this creative community!


Dancing The Moment Nazaré, Portugal 15'

Dancing The Moment Nazaré, Portugal 15′

With love,